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Memory and Speed optimization of Program AB

Hi All,

    I’ve done some optimization on Program AB like:

    1. Off loading Bot brain to the Disk, meaning the GraphMaster now traverse the disk rather than RAM. Instead of using 500-1000MB of RAM now only 100-200MB is used.
    2. As Brain is persisted to the hard disk, at startup instead of reading AIML & CSV, bot will be loaded in a seconds by using persisted data.
    3. Optimized the GraphMaster And AIMLProcessor codes for faster speed.
    4. Added WORDNET, CONCEPTNET 5 disk based look up.
    5. CONCEPT 5 ( hasa, isa, usedby etc. ) available as AIML TAG
    6. AIML folder hierarchy, sub-folders can be used to store a specific type of AIML files. Also supports nested sub-folders.
    7. Many new AIML Tags added based on ChatScript, RiveScript, SIML, and based on time consuming Tags.
    8. New faster and optimized disk based Triple Store.
    9. CharScript ‘top/concept’ file parser to load in Triple Store.

  I’ll add Chat Test response times for each question & answer pair shortly. Also with Memory and
  CPU usage Graph in both memory based and disk based implementation.




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Response Time for each question and answer in ChatTest when bot brain is loaded on RAM and Disk. Please find the attachments.

File Attachments
ResponseTime_RamBrain.csv  (File Size: 19KB - Downloads: 0)
ResponseTime_diskbrain.csv  (File Size: 19KB - Downloads: 0)

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