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Program O and Facebook Messenger

Hi to all, i’m new and i’m italian ChatBot fan. I have create an italian Bot for italian Customers. Is something like a personal assistant. To have fan with and work! I have my ChatBot inside Program O programmed via Pandora’s Bot.
I have try also to do my Facebook Messenger ChatBot, using Program O
I followed this simple guide, but bot does not answer to me:
There is no error Message. What can i verify to be sure all was done correctly ?
Thanks in advance to all your patience and help.



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Ciao, Francesco!

Now that we’re discussing this here, I’m going to ask some questions during the course of this that I may have already asked, but that’s just so that others in the future can benefit from our discussion. I hope you don’t mind. smile

First off, can you talk to the chatbot using the regular chatbot interface (e.g. through the HTML or JSON GUIs that ship with Program O)?

ALso, could you post the URL to the chatbot itself so that it can be tested, and others can follow along? This will help us to get others involved, and more people involved means more potential solutions for you. smile


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ciao Dave, i have follow your suggestions, and finally here i am smile
So no problem for me, i repeat all, this is the right way to involve all potential problema solver smile
My ChatBot, named LO.R.O. (Logica Relazionale Organizzata, in english Organized Relational Logic), is a personal assistant for italian (for now) customers.
LO.R.O. is available here:
I can talk with loro via all Guis availables (thanks to Dave for help via GitHub)
As i sayed, i followed simple instuction on lifeogeek page, but my chatbot can’t reponse to me via FB Messenger, why ?
I need your help, please smile
Sorry for my English, i’ll do my best to reponse always in the right way, thanks to all in advance



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Francesco, your English is just fine, believe me. It’s far better than my Italian, even if I used Google Translate (which I do, a lot).

Can you share a link to the Facebook version of the bot? It would help to see what’s going on first hand. You’re also welcome to contact me via Facebook ( ), though to be honest I only use FB for keeping in touch with family and friends across the world (that doesn’t mean I would decline a friend request, but I don’t generally follow people outside my immediate family).

Meanwhile, I’ll see about following the “how to” page link you shared on GitHub ( ) so that I can work out the best method for embedding Program O into a Facebook page. I know that it can be done because one of my web developing clients (Knowledge Avatars) has several Facebook chatbots ( like this one). I’ll also gather information on how they did it, and share that here, as well.


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Ok Dave, thanks for your kindly reponse smile
Here is my chatbot on FB:
If you need other tools or informations, feel free to ask to me smile
Thanks in advance




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ciao Dave, i have seen your test into LO.R.O. messenger chat… as you can see, no answere from the bot :(


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There seems to be a problem with the interface, rather than with the bot. I’ll see what I can do about creating a messenger bot for my chatbot Morti on my Geek Cave Creations page, so that I can test the interface itself.


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ok Dave, many thanks in advance for your continuos help and test! much appreciated




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I’m sorry I never got back to this, Francesco. Shortly after I replied, I fell ill, and have only yesterday been released from the hospital. I’ll see if I can get back to this in the next day or so, but in all honesty, I’m still tired from the illness, so it may take me a while to pursue this.


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Hi Dave, you don’t have to worry about it. Health comes first, I was 20 days in hospital after two heart attacks, about two years ago. So take your time, all you need, rest and try to recover. I hope it was nothing serious, my friend. A virtual hug.



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