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Expired Sarah Palin a chatbot

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Sarah Palin On September 25, CBS broadcast an interview with Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The next day, interviewer Katie Couric discussed an additional, particularly newsworthy segment of the interview, stating that Palin "is not always responsive." The interview garnered intense negative attention from commentators, editorialists, comedians, and even conservative pundits.

The incoherency reminded of us of talking to rudimetary artificial agents like ELIZA. A web app just had to be made.

This is a parody. We don't think Sarah Palin is "stupid." Some older interviews on local Alaska issues demonstrate a more coherent Palin. But these new interviews are simply ludicrous.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Ewa Ewa - Wirtualny Doradca posiada największą bazę wiedzy specjalistycznej jaką do tej pory wprowadziliśmy. Baza wiedzy Ewy obejmuje kilkadziesiąt tysięcy faktów dotyczących firm informatycznych i telekomunikacyjnych działających na polskim rynku. Ponadto Wirtualny Doradca zrealizowany dla Migut Media posiada wiedzę podstawową na temat wydawnictwa i jego oferty.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Carrie Mothercare is improving the customer experience on its website with the launch of Ask Carrie, an interactive virtual assistant. Ask Carrie delivers fast, accurate answers to queries across the Mothercare website. Customers are able to ask questions directly using the system without the need to call or email the Mothercare contact centre. Ask Carrie also ensures faster access to the wide range of parenting information and resources on the Mothercare website. By allowing customers to search using everyday language it ensures that the Mothercare website remains a primary destination for parents.
The Ask Carrie persona was created to provide an approachable and engaging figure for customers and was launched as part of the major redesign of the Mothercare website. This also includes improved online product search, a wider range of content, and bigger, brighter product images all designed to deliver an improved customer journey.
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