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Chatbots Archive January 2010

List of all chatbots (virtual assistants, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World - Archive January 2010

Caroline a chatbot / virtual agent representing DoYouDreamUp

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Caroline Caroline est présente sur le site web de Do you dream up pour expliquer aux visiteurs comment ils peuvent créer leur propre assistant virtuel. Do you dream up propose une solution innovante pour créer rapidement et facilement un assistant. La configuration est faite via le site web de Do you dream up.

Caroline aide également les utilisateurs pendant la configuration de l'assistant, par exemple en changeant de page, en faisant clignoter des
élements, ...

Caroline connaît plus de 3000 questions usuelles et environ 200 questions sur la création d'assistant. Elle a été créée avec la solution Do you dream up également dans le but de montrer aux visiteurs et aux utilisateurs la performance de celle-ci ainsi que l'ensemble des fonctionnalités disponibles.

PMLS Discourse Engine a chatbot representing Petamem

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent PMLS Discourse Engine Multilingual, learning general purpose chatbot.

While currently in heavy beta and development, this technology demo shows some of "industry firsts": The bot is multilingual, being able to converse in several languages in one box (try. "What languages do you speak?"). The bot is learning during the conversation. Try "Ich bin 39 jahre alt." and then ... later ... "Wie alt bin ich?" This works also with other things - of course "My car is a VOLVO" ... "What is my car" etc. just try.

THe bot can handle procedural words. I-e- words that you will not find in any dictionary. Try e.g. "Wieviel ist siebzehn mal achtundzwanzig" (the numerals get parsed) or "Wat is negen plus negen". The bot is a little bit self aware "How old are you". and has rudimentary grasp of time. "What time is it/was it yesterday/will be tomorrow"

The pony has learned a new trick! It can serve as multilingual dictionary:

User: Was ist das thailändische Wort für Stadt?
Bot: Zum beispiel เมือง.
User: Wie sagt man Gras auf türkisch?
Bot: Ich habe keine Ahnung.
User: How do you say house in greek?
Bot: One translation is σπίτι.
User: What is the czech word for cat?
Bot: One translation is šelma kočkovitá.

Other than that: Here be lions, use at your own peril. Be gentle. ;-)
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