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Joebot a chatbot / chatterbot

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Joebot Highlights:

• Joebot is the first WowWee robot that can be controlled by voice commands (Responds to key phrases)
• Joebot is like a wacky cartoon character full of jokes and hilarious comments!
• Joebot features joystick hands that allow you to control and program him
• Joebot features a fast and fluid walking motion
• "Shoot" Joebot down in Battle Mode using any IR remote controller and he plays a funny "death" scene
• In Beatbox mode, Joebot plays back up to 200 beats in a row!
• Program up to 40 steps into Joebot for playback
• Joebot can detect obstacles and avoid them on his own!
• Eyes and mouth light up when he talks


• IR Sensors allow Joebot to "see" most objects in front of him!
• Have Joebot watch for intruders in Guard Mode
• In Game mode, Joebot can play a Simon Says game with you!
• With his Dance Demo Joebot will show off his moves with one of his dance routines!
• In Patrol Mode Joebot will walk around freely and let you know what he thinks about his surroundings!
• Let Joebot entertain you with his hilarious Conversation Demo
• Joebot knows when he falls, and will even ask you for help!
• Volume control
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Anna Dobrý den, jmenuji se Anna, jsem vaše interaktivní asistentka.
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